Our values are BASIC (Balance, Accountability, Support, Integrity, and Communication) and are the drivers of our mission.

"Making good judgments when one has complete data, facts, and knowledge is not leadership – it’s bookkeeping"

— Dee Hock


Our mission is to provide balance to business owners through individualized design of their bookkeeping system, consistent and complete communication, integrity and accountability of work, and continued support as their true business ally.


Our goal is to create an engagement that works best for you and your business. From software set-up and training to full-service bookkeeping, we can find a support solution to help any small business.

We are here to help!

Our passion is small business success - and that is what drives our vision:

Making the world a better place through great bookkeeping

MK Beyer & Associates is a collaborative experience. What that means is that we partner with business owners to help them run their business better. When making decisions, a business owner needs to use facts to make the best decision for the business. Some of the best facts available are numbers, and in a business, the first numbers of note should be financial.

There is so much trust involved in letting someone into your business finances. Afterall, how we handle finances in our business is often how we handle finances in our personal life. Allowing someone into your whole mess is daunting! But what the collaborative experience brings is:

  • No judgment, only facts
  • Access to our experiences and those of our clients
  • Access to our network of professionals to assist in other areas as needed


Testimonial: The Grateful Death

“[I] met with several [bookkeepers] but never felt a connection. [I] didn’t feel like they really cared out my business the way I wanted them to. I figured my expectations were too high…then I met [Molly]. [She] didn’t make me feel bad about the mistakes I was making, [she] knew how [she] could help me clean things up, [she] explained it in a way I understood and most importantly, [they’ve] delivered. I never worry about my numbers anymore and this freedom creates space to focus on growing my business.”

The Grateful Death

Testimonial: Heather Zager

“The willingness to personalize my needs and be flexible with those personalizations as my new business shifted and grew [has made MK Beyer & Associates the right fit for my needs]. Knowing my books are in good hands lets me concentrate on more critical issues of my business.”

Heather Zager, owner

MADE Apparel Services

Renton, WA

Testimonial: Clyde McDade

“Molly’s expertise in bookkeeping has helped my business become more financially organized, profitable and effective. MK Beyer Books has saved me money on taxes and little stress during tax time!”

Clyde McDade, LMT
Stress Relief Solutions, PLLC
Olympia, WA.

Testimonial: Jenny B

“Molly Beyer of MK [Beyer] Books has been a huge blessing for my business, and for my own peace of mind in running it. She’s like a bookkeeping private detective, tracking down the anomalies and finding the answers to get your books looking pretty. She works at such a pace as to keep things moving efficiently without overwhelming her clients, taking it all one step at a time. She goes the extra mile to give her clients the knowledge base they need to feel confident moving forward on their own side of it (invoice troubleshooting, reconciliation training, etc). I highly recommend Molly and MK [Beyer] Books!”

Jenny B
Seattle Portrait Photographer